Updated publication of the 'visboekie' celebrated at ORI

Bruce Mann

Bruce Mann and co-authors have completed an epic revision of the Southern African Marine Linefish Species Profiles (aka the “visboekie”).

This publication summarises all of the published scientific information for 139 fish species, and was last revised some 12 years ago.

Where available, referenced information for each species is presented on distribution, movement, habitat, feeding, reproduction, biometrics, fishery, biological reference points, stock status, vulnerability, current regulations, management considerations and research requirements.

Each profile is intended to be an up-to-date summary of what is currently known about the species in order to help users, managers and scientists in determining effective management plans for each species, to ensure their future conservation and sustainable use.

The profiles are also intended to highlight the research needed to support the effective management of southern Africa’s marine linefish resources.

Download the PDF of  Southern African Marine Linefish Species Profiles

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