The unexpected benefits of nurdling

Nurdling, the process of painstakingly removing tiny pieces of plastic from beach sand, has taken the East Coast by storm. This action follows the Durban harbour spill of 49 tons of nurdles – small plastic pellets that serve as a raw material in the manufacture of plastic products – during a severe storm in October 2017.


Winners of Outreach Marine Day Competition 2017 announced

Since January 2017, the uShaka Sea World Education Outreach team has been sharing the marine conservation message with 12 schools within the eThekwini municipality and eight in the Ladysmith and Estcourt regions. During October 2017, 16 of these schools participated in the annual uShaka Sea World Outreach Marine Day Competition.


Billions of nurdles still to be collected – do your bit!

Despite a massive response from the public to an appeal by uShaka Sea World to collect plastic nurdles from the beaches up and down the coast from Durban, billions of these lentil-sized plastic “pellets” remain on beaches from Richards Bay in the north to Mbotyi in the Eastern Cape province.


Nab some nurdles and help save Durban's beaches

uShaka Marine World is calling on all Durbanites to head to our beaches and help clear up a potential environmental hazard following the recent storm.


uShaka Sea World releases thorntail ray pups

The Open Ocean exhibit at uShaka Sea World was transformed into a maternity ward this past weekend when a female thorntail ray gave birth to four healthy pups.


International Coastal Cleanup data will help to identify litter sources

International Coastal Cleanup was celebrated around the world on Saturday 16 September 2017. At uShaka Beach, in front of uShaka Sea World, 300 learners, their teachers, SAAMBR staff and volunteers joined Woolworths staff and their families to focus on collecting small pieces of litter and microplastics.


World Turtle Day: turtle hatchling killed by plastic pollution

World Turtle Day celebrates these noble animals and encourages people to take action to help protect them from the perils of plastic.


The fourth International Animal Welfare Symposium at the Detroit Zoo

SAAMBR’s CEO has just returned from the Detroit Zoo in the United States, where he attended the fourth International Animal Welfare Symposium.


Five uShaka Sea World staff to tackle 120km Penguin Promises Waddle

Five uShaka Sea World representatives will be among the “waddlers” this year: Gabby Harris, who will be walking for the seventh time; Colette Bodenstaff, on her second walk; and Martin Reed, Ramini Naidoo and Mbali Mtshali on their maiden walks.


Workshop focuses on first aid for stranded marine animals

Every year an average of 35 marine animals wash on to the shore along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. These animals include whales, dolphins, seals, whale sharks, turtles, penguins, gannets and cormorants.


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