Who is SAAMBR?

SAAMBR scientists study a shark in the 1960s

Sixty years ago in January 1951 – thanks to the foresight of marine biologists and conservationists of the day – the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) was established, followed by its operational divisions: The Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI) research wing in 1958, and in June 1959 the Durban Centenary Aquarium, later to be renamed Sea World.

In January 2004, after 45 years of operation, the old Durban Sea World aquarium relocated to its new home at uShaka Marine World.

While the early founders of SAAMBR may have been scorned for their ideas in the 1950s, history and the current environmental situation has shown them to be exceptional visionaries. The founders of SAAMBR deserve recognition for their vision and dedication to the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity and resources.

At SAAMBR we sustain this noble heritage by generating and disseminating scientific information and inspiring people to care for our oceans. There are very few private marine research, education and aquarium establishments in the world that can claim to have had such a continual, positive impact on marine conservation and the environment.