uShaka Sea World opens its EcoHouse

The amazing animals at uShaka Sea World inspire us to love and care for our environment – but simply caring for animals is not enough – we need to know how to take action to slow the climate crisis. In a bold new step, uShaka Sea World has ventured beyond animal exhibits into the challenging realm of climate change – more specifically what people can do about the problem of climate change.

As visitors wander through the EcoHouse, an innovative new exhibit situated at the entrance to the aquarium, a friendly penguin invites visitors to explore easy ways to reduce their energy use and save money. From a full-sized geyser and solar panel to a quirky woman in the fridge, interactive electricity panels and much more – the exhibit attracts attention and challenges us to action.

Climate change can be a deadly boring topic – ocean acidification, rising sea levels, warmer temperatures and food shortages – the topic abounds with doom and gloom. Unfortunately rather than galvanising people into action, bad news stories tend to dissuade people, who believe the problem is too big for a single individual to make a difference. The EcoHouse addresses this serious problem in a constructive, light-hearted way by linking the penguin icon to human actions and providing visitors with practical suggestions – using simple financial and ecological sense – that can be adopted at home. By the end of the exhibit visitors have an opportunity to make a Penguin Promise – a commitment to making just one change in their daily lives to help reduce their carbon footprint.

"Our oceans are under threat from a wide range of impacts. If we want to save our oceans and the amazing life that they contain, we all need to take action", says Sea World CEO Judy Mann. "uShaka Sea World's EcoHouse helps to empower people to take action, so that they return home inspired and motivated to help our planet."

Entrance to the EcoHouse is included in the regular ticket price to visit uShaka Sea World. Join us as we share our love of animals and our love for our environment with you and your family.