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David Davies Memorial Library

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ORI services and science facilities

ORI covers a number of areas of expertise and offers a range of marine science services: scientific investigation, training and capacity building, and consulting.

Scientific investigation

  • Quantitative resource assessment, including artisanal, recreational, small-scale and industrial fisheries of southern Africa
  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Resource use planning and development of management plans
  • Sustainable coastal development
  • Marine Protected Area (MPA) assessment
  • Marine resource policy development
  • Modelling of resource dynamics and usage
  • Long-term monitoring of resource use
  • Socio-economic assessment of marine resource use
  • Marine related recreation and tourism
  • Aquariology and mariculture.

Services and capacity building

  • Supervision of post-graduate students
  • Specifically designed training courses for management and conservation agencies.

Consulting services

  • Impact assessment on marine resources and ecosystems.

Areas of expertise 

  • Coastal resources: fishes, sharks and invertebrates
  • Coral reef ecosystems of the western Indian Ocean
  • Estuarine resources: prawns, crabs and fishes.


ORI facilities

The move from the old SAAMBR premises to the uShaka Marine Park complex in 2004 afforded ORI the opportunity to invest in state-of-the-art research facilities.

Apart from administrative facilities and infrastructure for staff, as an independent, marine science-orientated research organisation the Oceanographic Research Institute is equipped with:

  • Dry laboratories
  • Wet laboratories
  • Student facilities
  • A marine research aquarium
  • Vehicle storage facilities
  • Boat storage facilities
  • SCUBA diving gear
  • Fishing tackle
  • Sampling equipment.

The David Davies Memorial Library

ORI is also home to the David Davies Memorial Library – one of the most comprehensive marine science libraries in Africa and an invaluable dynamic resource that is constantly being added to.