Do your bit – recycle your waste

Separating your rubbish is a good place to start

Many people are keen to do their bit to help protect our environment, but are often not too sure how to go about it. One of the easiest ways that each household can make a start, is by adopting a recycling policy.

Separating your rubbish into plastic, paper, metal and glass for example, will enable you to drop off the relevant items at designated collection points and save space for your biodegradable garbage, which is ideal for creating your own compost heap.

It's incredible how much disposable waste each of us generates in a year of modern-day living, from plastic containers to tins, used batteries, globes, bottles and used newspapers and magazines – the list is endless.

If you're unsure where to dispose of this waste, please consult the recycling guide provided courtesy of greenworks below, or better still, download the PDF, print it and display it in your kitchen. Greenworks is a site that offers suggestions on how individuals can make difference to the state of planet Earth.

Recycling Guide