Projects at a glance

The ORI team are usually involved in about 50 projects at any particular time. ORI is one of the longest surviving non-governmental research organisations in South Africa, and getting the balance right between profit-oriented consultancies, funded applied research and partially funded or self-funded fundamental research is critical to our continued existence. The list of current ORI projects and their funding source is shown below:



Statistics of recreational inshore invertebrate fisheries and the commercial oyster fishery in KZN National 1974 Schleyer Steyn
National Marine Linefish System (NMLS): KZN recreational data National 1984 Mann Maggs, Els,
Marine linefish tagging programme NGO 1984 Mann Dunlop, Maggs
Long-term monitoring of mussels (and oysters) in KZN Provincial 1995 Schleyer Steyn
WIOFish database International 2001 Fennessy Everett
St Lucia marine reserve surf-zone fish monitoring & tagging project National 2001 Mann Dunlop
Developing relevant monitoring systems for the Pondoland MPA and monitoring the effectiveness of the Pondoland MPA in the protection of linefish and other marine resources (aka Pondoland MPA Monitoring Project) National, Provincial 2001 Mann Maggs
Coastal zone research programme Provincial 2001 Goble Oellerman, MacKay, Rouillard, Tomalin
South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Programme (SWIOFP) International 2003 Groeneveld Fennessy
Coral reef programme (incorporating modelling east coast reefs in a changing climate and Biodiversity of East Coast reefs) National, Provincial 2003 Schleyer Floros, Montoya, Laing, Hart, Sere, Masse, Hayman
Coral reef health monitoring project National, Provincial 2003 Schleyer Steyn, Palmer
Small craft launch sites register - monitoring & data capture Provincial 2004 Mann Maggs, Khumalo, Mtetwa
Benthic data collection (St Lucia drought macrobenthos) National 2005 Mackay Sheppard, Sam Mselegu
Ecological changes to Lake Nhlabane Consultancy 2005 Mackay  
Tugela Bank Functioning National 2007 Fennessy MacKay, Steyn, Wilkinson, Hayes
ACEP / Ecosystem Functioning in the KZN Bight National 2008 Fennessy MacKay, Hein, Untiedt
Mozambique Linefish Management Plan and Risk assessment for Mozambique Fisheries International 2009 vd Elst  
SWIOFP Component 3 – Demersal fisheries International 2009 Fennessy  
SWIOFP Component 5 - Biodiversity International 2009 vd Elst Fennessy, MacKay
SWIOFP Component 2 – Crustacean fisheries International 2010 Groeneveld Fennessy, Robey
SWIOFP shark project International 2010 Groeneveld Foulis
SWIOFP crustaceans project International 2010 Groeneveld Fennessy, Robey
Coral diseases Regional 2010 Schleyer Sere
Coral reproduction Regional 2010 Schleyer Masse
ACEP Work Package 4 : Macrobenthos National 2010 MacKay Untiedt, Hein
ACEP Work Package 7 : Modelling National 2010 Fennessy  
Monitoring climate change effects on the Mbashe Estuary National 2010 MacKay Sheppard
Linefish species profiles National 2011 Mann  
Basic overview of KZN estuaries Provincial 2011 MacKay Sheppard
SWIOFP king mackerel project International 2011 Mann Lee
SWIOFP Shallow-water lobster genetics project International 2011 Schleyer  
Coral economics National 2012 Schleyer Laing
Coral genetics National 2012 Schleyer Montoya-Maya
Coral recruitment National 2012 Schleyer Hart
Coral reef geology National 2012 Schleyer Hayman
Biophysical study of the Nonoti Estuary NGO 2012 MacKay Sheppard
Habitat and biophysical survey of the Zinkwazi Estuary NGO 2012 Mackay Sheppard
ACEP III: The Suitcase project National 2012 Fennessy Mackay, Schleyer
SWIOFP langoustine genetics International 2012 Groeneveld