Ocean action

What you can do to help conserve our marine environment

uShaka Sea World has put together a "fishy high five", five simple things that you can do to help protect South Africa's magnificent oceans.

Join a beach litter-collection campaign


  1. Be choosy. Reduce the demand for certain fish species (visit SASSI to find out which fish are OK to eat).

    • Investigate which household products can be safely washed down the drain.

    • Reduce, re-use, recycle, recharge.

    • Reduce your daily energy and water consumption.

    • Buy locally produced goods.

    • Choose sustainable curios and holiday destinations.

    • Make sure that your pets are carefully selected and that you can care for them.

  2. Walk along a beach 

    Enjoy the beach

    • Once you’ve seen the aquarium, go out and explore a shoreline and learn more.

    • Find out what is natural and what is man-made.

  3. Find a favourite

    • Choose your favourite animal at uShaka Sea World and learn all you can about it.

    • Investigate the threats this animal faces and how you can help to reduce them.
  4. Save a life 

    Learn all you can about your favourite marine animal

    • Find out about the "tag-and-release" programme.

    • When fishing, catch fish bigger than the minimum size and less than the bag limit.

    • When exploring the rock pools, be careful with the creatures that live there.

  5. Share

    • Share with family and friends what you have learned about our incredible sea life and how to care for it.

    • Do a school project to share with your class.

    • Support conservation programmes.