Going green at uShaka

As an organisation committed to conservation, The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR), is hard at work investigating and implementing various initiatives that will not only decrease consumption of natural resources, but will save money in the process. 

In terms of water usage, a closed-loop cooling system has been installed to alleviate dependence on the city’s variable water supply pressures. On the energy saving front, variable speed drives on selected pumps were installed which has resulted in a saving of up to 60% on our electricity consumption. These are just two examples of the many “greening our environment” initiatives that our technical department has explored.

Going Green is not however, confined to the reduction in water and electricity consumption. Thanks to the work of our Green Team and our ongoing training initiatives we have built a broad-based awareness of sustainable living among our staff who are encouraged to integrate conservation into all spheres of their work and home life.