Frequently asked questions

Can a school come for the day?

The subsidised, escorted, educational visit to uShaka Sea World lasts for two-and-a-half hours. If a school books a lesson, this will take place in the Education Centre for a further 45 minutes. A course lasts four hours including the visit to uShaka Sea World.

Can the school group arrive at any time?

Tours operate according to a strict schedule to enable access by a number of schools. The school needs to book for one of the following times: 09h00, 09h30, 10h00, 10h30, 11h00 or 11h30.

What does a school visit to uShaka Sea World entail?

The school group will be assisted by an escort for the duration of their visit to uShaka Sea World. Your visit will follow a set programme to ensure the best educational value, and will include the:

  • Penguin rookery
  • Turtle beach
  • Aquarium
  • Dolphinarium.

An area may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. School visits unfortunately do not include seal shows due to the restricted size of this stadium.

Can a school visit on any day of the week?

Education concessions for uShaka Sea World operate from Monday to Friday out of season. Please note that Wet 'n Wild is not open on Monday or Tuesday out of season.

Can learners bring their own food?

Your learners may bring a home-packed lunch that can only be eaten in a designated area at uShaka Sea World. The public may not come in with food so the same applies to schools in terms of two-litre cold-drinks, chips and take-aways. No food or drink may be taken into Wet 'n Wild. You are welcome to eat in the Village Walk before or after your visit to uShaka Sea World.

Can uShaka organise lunch?

The uShaka food and beverage staff can organise lunches. Ask about their school menu and prices when you phone to book.

How much will parents pay?

For pre-primary schools the ratio of adults to learners is 2:20 at no charge and 1:5 at R42 until the end of November 2012.

For primary and senior schools the ratio of adults to learners is 2:20 at no charge and 1:20 at R42 until November 2012. No additional adults may accompany the group without prior permission being obtained as this may impact on the educational experience of the group. The whole group, including the adults, is expected to stay together for the entire tour.

Can one of the school's learners be chosen to touch a dolphin?

Learners and teachers have the same opportunity as the rest of the public at a show to show their enthusiasm, thus allowing the trainers to pick one person from the audience to meet a dolphin.

Does uShaka Sea World have information for the classroom?

Please visit the section on teachers' workshops which are presented at no charge. At these workshops teachers are given ideas for activities and resources. Please also visit the online teachers' activity that is changed monthly.

Where can schools stay overnight?

The following are some of the accommodation providers in Durban that are used by schools:

  • Durban Environmental Education Centre – Tel: 031 3124645, Fax: 031 3127987
  • Treasure Beach (WESSA) – Tel: 031 4678507, Fax: 031 4678288
  • Impala Holiday Flats – Tel: 031 3323232, Fax: 031 3373192
  • Coastlands – Tel: 031 3355000, Fax: 031 3372265

Please phone the individual venues for further information.