Penguins are naturally curious

The penguin exhibit is home to 56 African penguins which go about their daily tasks as visitors enjoy a privileged glimpse into their unique world. 

Looking for and securing a mate, eating, and swimming appear to be priorities in the penguin world, since these activities occupy most of the birds' waking hours.

African penguins spend most of their time on land and only venture into the water for feeding purposes. They have the ability to remain submerged for up to two minutes, which comes in handy when they're chasing fish. 

The exhibit's acrylic window provides a wonderful showcase of the penguins underwater as they glide effortlessly past, stopping now and again to inspect a particularly interesting visitor.

The penguins listen attentively to their trainer

At the rear of the exhibit are the nests and resting areas which are also visible to visitors. Guests are invited to watch one of the staff members feed the penguins while listening to an interesting commentary. 

Visitors leave this exhibit having learned a great deal about what they can do to reduce the negative environmental impacts of careless living, and in so doing, help to ensure the future of these endangered animals.