Dolphins enjoy visitors' applause

The 1 200-seater dolphin stadium holds just over 3 205 cubic metres of water which is pumped from the ocean and travels through an extensive purification system before reaching the dolphins' home. 

Home to 10 bottlenose dolphins, this exhibit remains unchallenged as the most popular exhibit at uShaka Sea World.

Guests plan their daily activities around the advertised dolphin show times, making sure that they watch at least one show during their visit.

Shelter from the sun and rain is provided over 90% of the stadium, enabling trainers and dolphins to perform in all weather conditions.

The dolphins are the star attraction at uShaka Sea World

Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis with gates opening 30 minutes before the advertised show times.

The show is pure edutainment with the much-loved dolphins delivering strong environmental messages while endearing themselves to the audience. 

Toilet and refreshment centres are located close to the exhibit and provide visitor comfort while waiting for the show to begin. 

The show runs for half an hour.