Educators' resources

Curriculum-linked lessons on ecosystems

Listed below are lesson ideas and information designed for educators and linked to the South African School Curriculum. Each lesson focuses on a specific ecosystem. A brief introduction provides a synopsis of the contents.


Underwater reefs educator's guide

By using the Underwater Reefs Educator's Guide, both you and your learners will discover the huge variety of life found on reefs in South African waters and how this provides for other life in the ocean. Click here to access the guide.


2.1 - Making coral Download


2.2 - Corals in their environment Download


3 - Animals found on a reef Download


3.1 - Aquatic homes and families Download


3.2 - Who is in your family? Download


3.3 - Match a mate Download


Marine careers 2011 Download


Sharks Download


Dolphins Download


SASSI poster Download


SASSI money game Download


SASSI lesson instructions Download


SASSI Fishing Game

This game is useful to demonstrate the underlying structure of the SASSI programme and how all areas are considered to make seafood sustainable. Click here to access the information on featured on the International Zoo Educators' Association website.

South African Mangrove Swamps

Mangrove swamps are found in the littoral zone, the band between the sea and the land where they are flooded and exposed daily during the rise and fall of the tide. Click here to access the South African Mangrove Swamps information featured on the International Zoo Educators' Association website.