Education Centre

Our NPC Education Centre plays a vital role in creating more awareness of marine conservation

The ocean, undeniably our greatest natural resource, covers over 70% of the Earth's surface. It is essential for food, for our economy and for our leisure needs. Our well-being is inextricably linked to the sea, with the result that human activities have had a tremendous impact on the oceans and we are very close to destroying our greatest resource.

Centre objectives

  • To stimulate awareness and appreciation of the marine environment using live aquarium exhibits
  • To promote sustainable use of the marine environment
  • To expose learners and teachers to the great variety of marine careers available through courses run bi-annually. Click here for Special Courses.

Teachers' workshops

Our teachers' workshops have enabled thousands of educators to become more competent and enthusiastic by including marine topics in their lessons. These workshops have proved to be invaluable to teachers, many of whom have not had access to proper teacher training. The workshops focus on marine topics and teaching practice to boost educators' knowledge and understanding of the sea and its importance to people.

Learners discover unique creatures

Volunteer guide programme

We have a group of 50 carefully selected and well-trained volunteers to assist with centre operations.

Every two to three years we undertake a selection process. The new volunteers participate in short marine biology and communications programmes on which they are tested.

This is followed by a period of shadowing longer-serving volunteers, and a number of training sessions over a six-month period. They are once again assessed on their knowledge and ability to communicate with and to control groups. Once they have undertaken this challenging probationary period they are confirmed as guides.

To find out when the next selection process is taking place, contact Kathy on