Education programmes – 2016

Education programmes 2016

The Sea World Education Centre offers a range of educational experiences that will inspire your learners and foster a love for the ocean while linking to the school curriculum.

Note: A minimum of 15 learners is required for each activity.


A four-hour interactive experience which includes specialist guiding and group activities. Your group will be divided into smaller groups of approximately 12 learners with each group having its own facilitator. All activities are linked to the National School Curriculum.

Ocean Connections – Exploring the similarities and differences between animals and a variety of ocean habitats through hands-on activities

Grades R-3
Catchment to Coast – A look at how the environment is affected by waste and other human impacts from catchment to coast.

Grades 4-6

Biodiversity and classification – The biodiversity and threats in the marine environment and how to classify animals into groups.

Grades 4-7

Marine ecology – Biospheres, biomes and ecosystems and all the biotic and abiotic factors that make up these functioning ecosystems. A creative look at ecology and human impact. 

Grade 10

Population studies – An overview of population dynamics including concepts and practical applications for fisheries management.

Grade 11

Classification – Invertebrate phyla and their body plans; symmetry and gut structure contribute to their groupings. This course includes touch specimens from each phylum.

Grade 11

Marine careers – What it takes to work in the marine field. This course includes presentations, back-of-house tours and information on marine careers.

Grades 9-11


Detailed guidings

Book a special guide experience with our qualified and experienced staff will guide learners through the aquarium in small groups of approximately 12 per group. Guiding may be general or can be theme-based: conservation, ecology or biodiversity.


Monday to Friday. Booking required. 45-minute interactive presentation.


Fishy Fun Puppet show Grades R-2
Introduction to the aquarium All grades
Marine mammals Grades 4-9
Form and function Grades 4-9
Animals and ecosystems Grades 4-9
Catchment to coast Grades 6-9
Marine ecology Grade 10
Invertebrate classification Grade 11
Population ecology Grade 11
The environment and us All Grades
Dangerous Creatures (Mon to Wed only)  All Grades



















Courses are more in-depth than lessons and take the form of a four-hour interactive experience, which includes specialised guiding and group activities. Each group is divided into smaller groups of 12 learners, each with its own facilitator.


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