Feeding time is a high point at the aquarium

The highlight of the day in the aquarium are the commentaries that take place at the various feeds.

Divers enter some of the exhibits to feed the animals which wait eagerly to see what is on their menu for the day.

Guest relations guides provide lively and entertaining commentaries as the characters in the exhibit steal food out of the diver's hand or out of the mouth of a fellow inhabitant.

The wonderful array of colourful fish that mob the diver and steal from the food bin in the Snorkel Lagoon is quite something to see.

The big brindle bass in the shark exhibit put on an exciting show as they scheme up new ways of getting more food than the sharks. This makes for exciting viewing as the diver has to be on guard as he pulls the food out of their reach.

While the commentaries may be entertaining, they also convey an important conservation message, so that each person goes away having learned something about how they can look after the sea.