There are many exciting career options for anyone considering a career in a marine environment. These range from becoming a dolphin trainer to a marine scientist, aquarist or herpetologist. Find out more about a field that interests you.

A dolphin trainer

Many people who visit Sea World say that they would like to work with dolphins. This gives you an idea of what it is like to be a dolphin trainer for a day.

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A marine scientist

If you are interested in the marine environment and have an enquiring mind, then research is the field for you.

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An aquarist

An aquarist is an aquarium biologist who looks after the fish in the exhibits.

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A cultures aquarist

Many aquariums around the world are culturing their own animals to lessen the impact on the ocean by collecting specimens. uShaka Sea World is no exception.

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Which subject choices you should make for matric? Which tertiary qualifications are required for a maine-based career? Find the answers to these and other questions by clicking on the link below which takes you to a comprehensive booklet on the subject.

Marine Careers Booklet 2017